“Frances has worked closely with a number of Oxford University’s Performance teams providing nutritional advice in a team environment. Alongside this she worked on a 1-to-1 basis with a number of our most outstanding athletes to support them within the unique Oxford University environment. The performance scheme has proven to be very successful in increasing the performance of our sports offer across the board and Frances, through nutrition, has been a massive part of that success. Frances also supported a few teams through S&C and her experience in both areas has been an asset to the performance scheme.” 

Oxford University Sport



 ”I’m 34 years old now and, since I was 19, I’ve literally spent the last 15 years trying but failing to become the size and the weight I want to be. I was never massively overweight but always about a stone and a half too heavy and tried every diet and every different gym routine. I go to the gym a lot, I eat healthily, I was doing all the things that I thought were the right things but still carrying about a stone and a half of excess weight and feeling very, very frustrated about it. I also had really low energy levels, I had a lot of trouble getting up in the morning etc, etc.

So I discovered Frances and after working together my life has changed! I have never, ever, ever been so enlightened about how my body works. All the things that I thought were the right things to do in terms of what to eat, what not to eat, going to the gym and doing exercise were completely wrong! Frances has completely reeducated me.

Which means in the last 6 1/2 weeks I have lost over a stone, I have dropped almost 6% body fat, I was a big size 8, now I’m a size 6 easily! I lost all of that weight going to the gym just once a week just to do a bit of gentle stretching, so not even with exercise involved!

I really, honestly, truly believe that she is the best kept secret in the Weight Loss, Fitness Industry. 

So the results I’ve been getting are amazing!…I would highly recommend Frances to anyone!…I think already 4 or 5 people I know have started working with Frances simply because of the change they’ve seen in me. The results are so fast, everyone tells you; you can’t lose weight that fast, that it’s not healthy to lose weight that fast, but the truth is I’ve never felt healthier!

So she takes a completely different approach to weight loss, she’s extremely knowledgeable. I think the program is
extraordinarily reasonably priced, so if you’re thinking about working with Frances I would do it now before she puts her prices up; because for what she knows and the results she can get she’s actually undercharging!

If you’re feeling frustrated and you’ve tried everything there is to try like I had and you think you’re a healthy person and you just can’t work out why you can’t get to be the size and shape you want to be you definitely need to go and work with Frances because that’s exactly where I was… doing all the right things, but not getting the right results.

She’s literally changed my life!…she’s a really nice person to boot!…she is literally Weight Loss’s best kept secret!”


“I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and underactive thyroid and I’d been having a lot of problems with my body, my diet and my movement in my body for 31/2 years. I was very sluggish and felt worse in my body and the pain in my body got worse after I was eating. I was given different tablets and painkillers but I was at my wits end; my mobility wasn’t there, I wasn’t able to do too much, I had to give up work. 

For the first 6 weeks I had to do various things; like go gluten free and dairy free. I completely changed my cupboards and completely changed my diet. Within 4 weeks I could run down the road! I’ve gone back to work!! I haven’t taken a pill or tablet for 6-8 weeks. So much more energy and the weight is secondary, but…the weight is just falling off! I put on 3 stone in 2 years because of the underactive thyroid but it has completely changed everything!”


“I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid so I was really gaining weight; swollen ankles, a lot of swelling and inflammation. Sandra, my twin sister, was going along to one of your sessions and I just thought I’d go along as well. I knew that it wasn’t the quantity I was eating, so it made me question ‘is it what I’m eating that’s wrong for me?’ I’ll be honest with you, I was slightly sceptical really, but I thought, you know what, I’m going to give it a go. It’s our last shot really, we’ve tried everything else and… the weight just fell off and the energy levels came back – brilliant!!”


“I initially came because things had come to a bit of a climax in my life; hormone imbalances were just taking over, I was getting stressed, mood swings and depression, stomach cramps and all kinds of bowel issues, a real lack of energy. I knew that nutrition would help but I just didn’t know what to do; I just felt that my hormones were going crazy and they were ruling my life. A big part of my life is sport and I’ve done sport at a high level…so I did have big reservations as you just don’t know if someone elses diet is going to work for you and whether I could still train and exercise and do well. 

It’s massively changed my life. My hormone imbalances have really settled down, I don’t have any of my bowel issues or stomach cramps. I used to get a lot of stomach pain, I don’t have that any more. For the first month, while my body was adapting, I didn’t have the energy to do my exercise, that was fine, I excepted that. Now I’m back running 10 miles somedays, swimming, pilates, yoga…as much exercise as I want to do, I can do it on this diet and still feel the benefits from it and other health issues. I’ve got more energy now and that’s getting better and better all the time. I just feel healthier and stronger than I ever have been. My mineral levels are back up to where they should be. 

When I started the diet, I had zinc deficiency spots on my nails and they’ve all grown out. I was getting night sweats all the time, through the winter even when it was cold. Since I’ve been on the diet I haven’t had a night sweat and that’s been through the summer. I feel more in control, happier and confident. Yes, I have lost weight, and that helps with body confidence and a lot of other body issues, but body image was never the main reason I went on this diet. 

I’d say don’t even think twice about doing it. I wouldn’t change it now…I wouldn’t go back! And it could work for you.”


“I was doing mainly long distance running and triathlon. I felt like I could do the training but I couldn’t get the proper muscle development and the nutrition right and so I thought that it would be good to actually eat properly before a race and after training, to build up core strength.

I’ve done quite a lot of races and I’ve had really good races and a few bad races as well. I was doing a marathon in May this year and it just went awfully. After about 10 miles I just crashed and I thought I’m not going to be able to cope. I finished but I was way, way over the time that I wanted, I was not happy. I thought then that it was partly down to the training and sort of getting into a rhythm and then you realise you’re not going to be able to do things on your own all the time. Sometimes it is better to have help with your training on hand from people that really do know about this. 

I think one of the big things I think I have got out of it was I’m now more into a rhythm of training. I had 4 races that coincided with training. My first olympic distance triathlon which was when I got I think 13 minutes under my target time. I didn’t stop to walk which is a big factor in a race for me. I had another triathlon, half iron distance which went very, very well, and I felt that my recovery was very quick. I finished off with a half marathon and a marathon 2 weeks apart from each other. For the marathon I got a PB by 7 minutes and again I didn’t stop to walk in any of those races, which for the marathon I wasn’t expecting. It was a great day and I’d managed to pace myself perfectly through every 5k split so all the times were the same. I started at the same speed I finished at which for a runner is very, very important aspect of what you want to do. I think the training has definitely helped me physically but also mentally it’s helped me get into a rhythm that you really need.

For long distance events and running, things like that, I’d say go for it…especially if you’re not in that rhythm of doing things properly, if you’re not training as well as you should. I’d definitely say give it a shot.” 


“Over the last few years I had been gradually putting on more weight and finding that with stress of daily life with working different jobs, I found that weight just gradually just crept on over a period of time. One minute I was one size, the next minute 3/4 of my wardrobe didn’t fit! I was exercising a lot, I was eating very healthily…I thought I knew everything there was to know about healthy eating and nutrition. I’d read all the diet books and I’d done various different things and I just found it really, really frustrating.

So I came to Frances because I had a few friends who had done the programme with her and they’d had amazing results. I was a little nervous because I wondered whether I would have the same commitment or whether maybe I just needed to accept that as I was getting older, that I was just going to have to accept that weight was going to come on.

I had a chat with Frances and followed her nutrition plan and within the first 5 weeks I had lost 21 lbs! I then had that big hiccup of going away for 3 weeks overseas and I then thought that I would crash and burn!…I came back and found out I’d only put on about 2 or 3 lbs…went back on the program and I’ve now continued to lose another 4 lbs!

I have continued to work with Frances and doing this has altered my perception of nutrition completely!…Everything that I had learnt I feel I need to unlearn and she has changed my life!

I feel amazing! …My energy levels are through the roof!…My sleep is better!…I move better and I just feel better!…she’s been an absolute miracle!

The support I got from Frances and has been wonderful and that has helped me stick to my plan and whenever I got stressed I could get in touch and feel supported, so I was really comforted by that.

Frances is awesome!…if you are in a similar boat and anything I say rings true for you, then I would say jump on it! Find Frances and talk to her and get her to help you make that change and you will see results, there’s no two ways about it! I was the ultimate sceptic but proof is in the pudding…and I can even eat the pudding!

It’s been amazing and with no exercise, no crazy cardio classes, no 15 classes a week and all of that. I teach 3 classes a week; none of it cardio, or high impact and my weight has still come off.

So yes Frances has changed my life for the better and it’s been awesome!”


“Over a year ago, I decided to start exercising a lot more, because with my job in the fitness industry and yoga I had cut back on a lot of my fitness training. But I started to experience a lot of joint pain; I wasn’t injured but I was just aching constantly, it wasn’t muscular it was joint ache. I discovered I was probably going through Perimenopause, so I looked at all the different options and I wasn’t sure if diet change could help me. I’m vegan and was already eating pretty clean and whole foods but despite that I thought why not…I’ll give Frances a call…she came highly recommended.

The first 2 days was really tough but I stuck with it and then we carried on with a pretty strict diet plan, where I think, if we didn’t have the ongoing support by Skype calls I probably would have dropped it. I don’t think I would have stuck with it because it was pretty rigid. I did that for about 4 months, I stuck religiously to the diet.

Within the first week my Perimenopause symptoms went. My hot flushes disappeared, my joint pain disappeared and my bloating disappeared all within a week! So it was partly that reason that I carried on during the 3-4 month period, but also because of the Skype calls, it kind of kept me on track and kept me going. Now it’s coming up to almost a year since I started with Frances, my symptoms are still managed, despite the fact them I’m probably much looser with my diet but I was actually on plan.

I think Frances is fantastic and if you do have any health concerns or even if you’re going through the Perimenopause she is well worth speaking to at some point – give her a call!”


“Before I started working with Frances I was really hitting rock bottom. My life was difficult; I had IBS symptoms, I had joint pains, I was just steadily putting on more and more weight and couldn’t work out why because I ate really clean – I was really healthy with what I was eating.

I had contacted some other people about my nutrition before, to check that I wasn’t doing something really silly as to why I was putting on weight! It was distressing for me as a Fitness Instructor; this is what I do as my daily life, I was supposed to be a role model and really look the part! I just felt terrible! I was slowly lacking in motivation, I just didn’t really know where to turn or what to do next.

I came across Frances through a friend of mine, she gave me a brief outline of how Frances had helped her and how Frances had done a specific plan for her that wasn’t just for losing weight, it was really more to do with health issues. At that time I was going to the hospital; I had several hospital appointments for the IBS symptoms, but I knew it wasn’t just IBS; I couldn’t put it down to being just IBS, I wasn’t ready to accept that…I knew there was something more going on inside…I was convinced that it was allergies! After several hospital appointments; that weren’t particularly pleasant and were very invasive, it came to the point where I had a conversation with the consultant that I thought that it was allergies…I could be allergic to different foods that I’d encountered and mainly the deadly nightshade family, which he’d never even heard of! I just couldn’t believe it!

I then thought, I really to do something about this, I can’t carry on, these hospital appointments aren’t going to help! So going by my friend I contacted Frances. I had a chat with her over the phone and she was very friendly and I just felt like I needed to do this! There was no way out, there was no way forward…I was spending most of my time in pain crippled over!

Since I’ve worked with Frances my life has changed so, so much! I’m no longer crippled over in pain, I don’t have any IBS symptoms anymore! I’ve lost a stone and a half since starting the plan. I couldn’t be happier! And I’m sleeping better! ​ Working with her, you get to have that one- to-one conversation; you get to be able to get a little bit deeper into why things are happening with you, what’s going on in your life and how the diet is working for you. To be able to go into a class again, without panicking that I’m going to need the toilet, without feeling bloated and uncomfortable…it’s just such a difference in my life! I feel happier; I feel slimmer, more confident, my skin condition has improved. Everyone around me has noticed how much better I look and how much better I am within myself!

You don’t realise how much things affect you until you take a step back away from it. Sometimes you live with your aches, your pains, sometimes you live with it and just accept that, that’s the way it’s going to be from now on! It really doesn’t have to be that way!…You can change! 

I’m really pleased that I worked with Frances and I really want to spread the word to others. I want to be able to help others achieve what I’ve been able to achieve, become comfortable in their own skin again…and get the results they want too!” 


“There were many reasons for getting in touch with Frances and moving forward with the diet plan, including: a general lack of energy and constant fatigue, lack of confidence and self esteem, very low immune system – constantly struggling with colds and such, aching body and tired muscles, low energy and difficulty on waking up, lack of concentration and focus on a day-to-day basis, erratic emotions and ‘rollercoaster’ lifestyle, poor digestion – constant struggles with all different types of foods, feeling of extreme exhaustion after eating any meal and a general feeling of low mood and well-being

Having gone down so many different avenues throughout the years I had been suffering, it starts to get quite depressing and relentless when nothing seems to be working. But now I have significantly more energy throughout every aspect of day to day life, a massive increase in motivation to tackle work and home life, a clearer head, giving sharper thought process and decision making and an all-round feeling of wellness and healthier being. I look and feel healthier – most noticeable in the face as I used to have washed out look. People respond differently to my more upbeat and positive personality. I feel l less insecure and anxious about everything – both work and home life and I feel I am able to tackle any challenge or speed bump that comes my way. I have tons more confidence and my self-esteem has grown significantly.

I would say go for it! Weigh up everything that you have been suffering from, compare that to how long you have been suffering from it, and tell yourself that it is time to stop! The programme/diet that you may have to partake in is tough, but believe me, you will not be suffering anymore and you will become that person that you knew you could always be!

Frances takes a very relaxed and open approach to everything that you discuss. The process in which you identify your issues and the timescale in which these occurred, opens your eyes. It makes it all so much clearer and easier to understand. This way of looking at the issues is something that you will not get with a doctor, well I certainly didn’t. She made the programme all very simple and enjoyable, it was a pleasure to meet her and I can’t thank her enough for the support that she has given!”


“I went to see Frances as I had been trying to lose weight for three years. NOTHING worked, even going to the gym and eating very little food still didn’t shift the weight. I even went to the doctor since I thought I must have a medical condition. Everything came back normal. I went to see Frances and told her I need to drop two stone. Ten weeks on, I am not far off that goal.  On top of that I have finally started to sleep well after ten years of battling sleep problems!  I have even noticed an improvement in my eyesight since I require my glasses far less than I did before. 

The diet I am on is fairly basic although it does not leave you feeling hungry and what I like about it most is that it has nothing to do with calorie counting. I am finally realizing it’s all about eating the right kinds of foods rather than counting calories, in fact I’m probably taking in more calories now than I was on previous diets which didn’t work.  

Frances has been kind and supportive throughout so anyone wishing to finally lose weight once and for all should pay her a visit.”


“I went to see Frances because I have had long term battles with Bursitis pain, being run down with coughs, colds and general exhaustion which is very contrary to my previous energy levels and hindering my need to run two businesses. I did try ‘traditional methods’ of healthcare however I was still suffering every few weeks with extreme pain and the exhaustion/colds had risen to epic proportions where I literally do a days work and then go to bed (no fun). I also have missed my long walks and generally being fit. 

On her programme, I have seen a big improvement. Within 2 months my energy levels are increased, my instances of inflammation/pain are dramatically reduced and my general health has improved. I’m continuing on the programme with Frances focussing on weight loss and maintaining my improved health. Thank you.”


“I had been suffering with severe depression and knew I had to do something about it. I believe in trying to do things as naturally as possible which is why I sought help from a nutritional therapist before I had to go down the route of taking anti-depressants. I started the programme with Frances. The same month a really dear friend of mine died. I knew the programme was working as I coped much better with this than I would have previously. I am feeling so much more stable and generally much more positive.

I have several friends that I will be referring to Frances as I felt really supported by her and felt safe in her hands.”


“Having always eaten healthily and been a keen runner since my late teens, after my third child I could not shift the weight. My running suffered, and it felt no matter what I did or how healthily I ate, I could not shift the pounds. I was very tired, snappy with the children and sleeping badly. I met with Frances and she put me on the programme. I have lost 10lbs and recently a 2hrs and 4 mins time in the Sheffield half marathon, running for breast cancer care, my fastest time to date. I feel and look so much better since starting her programme.”


“I was constipated with no energy and mood swings. Previously I’d be inspired by a programme on the TV to start
eating more healthily, but it wouldn’t last a week. I’m now 3 months into the programme and a fabulous diet change with bundles of energy and vitality and more importantly a joie de vivre attitude to life in general. Plus I’ve lost a stone in weight, but that is secondary to the feeling of well-being for me now. If you’re wondering if you should see a nutritionist, do it, it’s fascinating, and I would wholly recommend Frances be that nutritionist.”


“I was in a bit of a negative cycle. I wasn’t eating properly and that would have an effect on everything else, so I sought help to kind of break the mould really. I wanted to lose weight because I felt like I was carrying too much.

I’ve not really had help from a dietician before, so I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what it would involve. I can’t say that I enjoyed the first 2 days, they weren’t great but it was definitely worth it…I did enjoy it…the whole experience has been good!

My weight’s come down, I feel better, more awake in terms of what I’m putting into my body and actually physically as well. Best outcome is installing the new habits. The old habits would be that if I was hungry, I would eat something rubbish, whereas now I’m making sure I’m having enough fruit, drinking enough water, not always having a cup of tea and maybe having a green tea instead. 

I feel a lot fitter during pre-season at the moment, I feel like I’ve got a bit more energy. I play rugby and I’m feeling a lot sharper with that, my training in the gym has got better. I’ve lost weight but my lifts have gone up! I feel stronger. I would say I feel good! It has been good… thank you!”